Legal Procedures

Managing human resources involves a wide range of legal procedures. Our experts handle and complete all legal procedures with high accuracy and professionalism. These procedures include

  • Reviewing and approving the human resources manual.
  • Adopting and delivering the work regulations and organizing them for employees.
  • Applying the practical procedures of the human resources manual.
  • Handling employee proposals for business development and company procedures.
  • Planning human resource needs.
  • Modifying the human resource needs plan.
  • Preparing job descriptions.
  • Creating new job positions.
  • Advertising vacant positions.
  • Receiving and reviewing job applications and selecting candidates.
  • Conducting tests.
  • Interviewing candidates.
  • Hiring employees from outside the Kingdom.
  • Notifying rejected applicants.
  • Making job offers and employment contracts.
  • Preparing and signing employment contracts and official documents.
  • Conducting medical examinations.
  • Onboarding new employees.
  • Evaluating performance during the probationary period.
  • Confirming employment.
  • Renewing employment contracts.
  • Hiring Saudi students during the summer vacation season.
  • Handling promotions.
  • Deciding on annual bonuses.
  • Requesting certificates from the social insurance authority.
  • Registering or canceling an employee in the medical insurance policy.
  • Claiming expenses from the insurance company outside the network and outside the Kingdom.
  • Arranging medical examinations and direct hospital referrals.Managing employee transfers.
  • Arranging employee loans.
  • Processing and disbursing salaries.
  • Opening bank accounts.
  • Distributing allowances.
  • Assigning overtime work and disbursing entitlements.
  • Issuing work assignments.
  • Providing housing allowances to employees.
  • Renting accommodations.
  • Handing over company-provided housing to employees.
  • Requesting the purchase of a car.
  • Delivering cars to employees.
  • Receiving company cars from employees.
  • Temporarily assigning company cars for use.
  • Insuring cars and equipment.
  • Reporting accidents.
  • Providing employees with mobile devices.
  • Granting allowances to employees.
  • Pre-travel procedures for business trips.
  • Post-return procedures for employees after business trips.
  • Enrolling new employees in social insurance.
  • Canceling social insurance enrollment for new employees.
  • Accessing the online social insurance platform for employers.

Types of Human Resource Management

Camal Legal Consultancy Company offers professional and deeply understanding services in various types of human resource management, tailored to the needs of each organization.

Leadership Resource Management

This type of management focuses on developing strong and effective leaders. Emphasis is placed on enhancing leadership skills, the ability to motivate employees, and achieving organizational goals.

Professional Resource Management

Professional resource management concentrates on developing the skills and professionalism of employees through training and human resource development. The objective is to improve team performance and achieve organizational objectives.

Supervisory Resource Management

Supervisory resource management involves guiding and monitoring operations and work teams. This includes developing effective supervisory strategies and monitoring to ensure proper task execution and goal achievement.

Participatory Resource Management

Participatory resource management focuses on promoting communication and employee engagement in decision-making processes. The management aims to foster teamwork and create a work environment that encourages idea sharing and positive interaction among team members.

Labor Relations Management

Labor relations management focuses on understanding and addressing challenges and issues related to labor relations, working with unions and labor associations within the Kingdom.

Advantages of Enhancing Human Resource Management Efficiency

We are here to be your partners in achieving your goals and improving human resource management in a professional and success-oriented manner. Rely on our expertise to drive positive development within your organization and enhance your competitiveness in the market. We strive to achieve the following objectives:

Increase Productivity

We assist you in effectively utilizing your human resources, leading to enhanced productivity and the efficient realization of your operational objectives.

Improve Work Quality and Performance

We provide specialized consultations to ensure the improvement of work quality and the performance of your employees, contributing to outstanding results and enhancing your organization's reputation.

Boost Employee Satisfaction

We prioritize the well-being and satisfaction of your employees. Through consultations on fostering a positive work environment and professional development programs, we contribute to increasing employee satisfaction and retention.

Enhance Organizational Flexibility

We collaborate with you to develop human resource management strategies that make your company more flexible and adaptable to market changes.

Ensure Compliance with Laws and Regulations

We review and evaluate your policies and procedures to ensure full compliance with legal laws and regulations within the Kingdom, minimizing legal risks and preserving your company's reputation.

Camal Legal Consultancy Company Services

Recruitment and Talent Acquisition Management

Providing the best human resources is crucial for the success of any company or business. At Camal Legal Consultancy Company, we offer recruitment and talent acquisition management services to ensure the hiring of the best talents that meet your needs.

  • We begin by understanding your organization's needs and the requirements of available positions.
  • We develop customized recruitment strategies that include appropriate communication channels to attract suitable candidates.
  • We meticulously evaluate candidates and identify the top talents for discussions on available positions.
  • We organize and conduct interviews between candidates and the organization.
  • We assist you in selecting and hiring the most suitable candidate for your organization.

Payroll Management and Wage Protection

Payroll management and wage protection require accuracy and compliance with labor laws and regulations. At Camal Legal Consultancy Company, we provide secure and accurate human resources management services related to payroll operations.

  • We carefully collect and analyze employee and payroll data.
  • We ensure compliance with labor laws and regulations regarding wages and workers' rights.
  • We provide consultancy in preparing salaries and allowances, ensuring their regular distribution.
  • We offer consultancy in preparing regular reports on salaries and benefits to clarify them to employees.
  • We provide legal consultations to protect wages and benefits and ensure employee rights.

Employee Performance Evaluation

Employee performance evaluation is fundamental to improving overall work performance. We provide accurate and professional employee performance evaluation services.

  • We assist you in determining appropriate criteria and goals for evaluating employees.
  • We regularly review and evaluate employee performance, documenting the results.
  • We provide detailed evaluation reports and offer feedback to encourage development and improvement.
  • We help you develop personalized development plans for employees based on evaluation results.
  • We provide consultations on how to improve overall employee performance and enhance productivity.

Compliance with local regulations and laws pertaining to human resources.

Compliance with legal regulations and laws in the field of human resources is vital to avoid legal risks. At Camal Legal Consultancy Company, we provide comprehensive compliance services for these regulations.

  • We conduct a review and analysis of relevant local laws and regulations related to human resources management.
  • We assist you in implementing the necessary policies and procedures to comply with the laws.
  • We offer training consultations and workshops for employees to ensure their understanding of their work and compliance with your specific systems.
  • We continuously monitor and evaluate compliance, updating policies as necessary.
  • We provide specialized legal consultations to help address compliance issues.

Why to choose us?

We are here to be your legal partners and consultants, combining strategic expertise and multidisciplinary specialization with a steadfast commitment to the highest service standards in human resources management.

Strategic Expertise

At Camal Legal Consultancy Company, we take pride in guiding our clients with a deep strategic approach based on a rich executive track record. We strive to gain a detailed understanding of our clients' challenges and opportunities, providing tailored strategic solutions to achieve their goals.

Specialization in Various Fields

We offer unique specialization in a diverse range of legal and consultancy fields. Our clients benefit from highly specialized experts in various industries and sectors.

Commitment to the Highest Service Standards

The foundation of our services lies in our commitment to the highest service and quality standards. We diligently seek to achieve complete satisfaction for our clients by precisely meeting their expectations with high accuracy and professionalism.

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