Legal Procedures

We prepare your qualification documents for tenders and business proposals for direct accreditation, in accordance with the requirements and conditions set by licensing and certification authorities. This includes preparing and fulfilling:

  • Commercial Registration Certificate for your company
  • Membership certificate from the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Zakat and Income Certificate.
  • Social Insurance Subscription Certificate.
  • Value Added Tax Certificate.
  • Saudization Compliance Certificate.
  • Financial status of the company for the past three years.
  • Document outlining your company's experience in the required sector for the past five years.
  • Achievement certificates for works issued by the end beneficiary.
  • Organizational structure of the company (professionals and experienced personnel).
  • Commercial Registration Certificate or trade license attested by the Saudi Embassy in the country of establishment (for foreign companies).
  • Foreign Investment License (for foreign companies).
  • Industrial License - ISO Certificate - Control and Quality Assurance Manual (for manufacturers).
  • Contractors Classification Certificate - Labor Force List (for contractors).

Types and Methods of Company Qualification

The methods of company qualification vary and differ from one framework to another depending on the nature of work and tasks applied for. We are here by your side to assist you in the qualification process.


It is a system for classifying companies and contractors who submit bids to participate in government tenders or major projects in the Kingdom.

This system is implemented by the Saudi Standards, Metrology, and Quality Organization (SASO) and contributes to ensuring the quality and reliability of companies participating in government projects.

We help you provide the legal requirements and necessary documents to ensure your company complies with the conditions stated in the pre-qualification documents, including technical capabilities, financial and administrative capabilities, execution capacity, and commitment.


It is a system that allows companies and contractors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to improve and enhance their classification level after obtaining contracts, projects, or after performing their work.

The system aims to encourage companies to improve their performance and efficiency by providing better services and executing projects with high quality.

At Camal Legal Consultancy Company, we prepare qualified documents and the required paperwork from government entities, which are verified after selecting the best offer to ensure your company's ability to execute the required work upon awarding the contract.

General Requirements for Qualification

A set of general documents and papers requested when qualifying companies to participate in tenders or government projects within the Kingdom. During this stage, we provide you with the necessary consultations to correctly obtain, complete, and renew these documents.

  • Valid copy of the Commercial Registration containing the required field of work for qualification.
  • Valid copy of the Zakat Certificate.
  • Valid copy of the registration certificate with the General Organization for Social Insurance.
  • Valid copy of the membership document with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • Valid copy of the Contractors Classification Certificate issued by the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs.
  • Valid copy of the Saudization Certificate.
  • Financial status of the company or establishment for the past three years.
  • Copy of the establishment contract and any amendments made to it.
  • Copies of specialization certificates (Industrial Security Registration Document, Registration Certificate with the Saudi Council of Engineers, etc.).
  • Stamped and signed model of the qualification requirements checklist.

Advantages of Company Qualification

By qualifying your company legally, you initiate steps towards achieving fruitful gains, such as:

Building Trust and Credibility

Company qualification establishes legal credibility and trust among partners through licenses and certified registration documents with Saudi government entities.

Improving the Quality of Your Company's Services

Adopting the company's services and products by specialized and quality control organizations is the starting point for obtaining expertise and additional improvements for your business.

Professional Company Growth

Professional growth is the result of engaging in distinguished projects, preceded by company qualification to seize government and private tender opportunities and partnerships.

Expanding into New Markets

Upon completing the qualification process for your company, you will have the opportunity to venture into different business markets within the Kingdom or other countries.

Camal Legal Consultancy Company Services

We work with enthusiasm to be the leading company qualification consultant in the Kingdom. We undertake the following:

Preparation of Licensing Application Files and Requirements

We work with enthusiasm to be the leading company qualification consultant in the Kingdom. We undertake the following:

Preparation of Licensing Application Files and Requirements

  • We provide our expertise in preparing and organizing all the necessary files and documents for licensing applications with high efficiency and professionalism.
  • We ensure that your files are prepared with utmost accuracy and professionalism to meet the requirements of the regulatory authorities you are qualifying for.
  • We offer consultations on optimal procedures and approaches to obtain licenses quickly and easily.
  • We provide tailored solutions that accurately suit the type and size of your business and the entity you are qualifying for.
  • We work diligently in preparing the files, allowing you to focus on operating your business with peace of mind.
  • We guarantee that your files meet all the necessary standards and laws to ensure successful qualification.

Compliance with Legal and Technical Standards and Requirements for Business Operations

  • We assist you in achieving full compliance with all regulations and requirements necessary to legally qualify your company.
  • We ensure that your activities fully comply with the legal and technical standards set by the qualifying entity.
  • We provide customized consultations tailored to your business activities to properly fulfill the required qualification documents.
  • We guide you through the process of obtaining the necessary licenses effectively and smoothly.
  • We work to expedite the compliance process and provide immediate solutions to avoid delays in accreditation requests.
  • We prioritize ensuring that our services instill confidence and quality in your business operations, safely and professionally.

Application of Required Legislation, Regulations, and Standards for Obtaining Licenses

  • We assist you in achieving full compliance with all regulations and requirements necessary for qualification with professionalism and accuracy.
  • We monitor regulatory compliance and conduct periodic assessments to ensure continuous excellence.
  • We provide strategic guidance to the company to ensure its ongoing compliance with qualified laws and regulations for tender applications.
  • We guarantee full compliance of qualification documents with the applicable legislation, regulations, and standards of the qualifying institution.

Application of the necessary criteria for license renewal

We are here to ensure the continuity of your company's success through the easy and effective renewal of licenses.

  • We provide consultations for license renewal over time to ensure the continuity of your operations without any legal issues. 
  • We undertake the review of all submitted documents and requirements to fulfill the qualification conditions set by the relevant authorities. 
  • We offer professional consultations that help simplify and expedite the process of obtaining licenses from the relevant entities.

Why to choose us?

Specialized experts

With our extensive experience and long-standing practice in the field of company qualification consultations, we possess rich professional expertise and exceptional knowledge that make us the perfect partner in your journey through the qualification procedures. 

Camal Legal Consultancy Company is here to provide you with the necessary support and guidance, benefiting from our impressive track record and successful history in the field of company evaluation and classification. Thanks to this, we are always ready to assist you in achieving your goals and succeeding in your qualification processes.

Integrity and transparency

We have a strong commitment to providing complete and accurate information, and protecting our clients' data is an integral part of our policies built on the principles of integrity and transparency.


We prioritize these principles and adhere to them strictly with utmost professionalism. Moreover, maintaining the confidentiality and secrecy of our clients' information reflects our commitment to delivering reliable and professional service, contributing to building long-term relationships with our clients.

Development and success

We are constantly updated on all the methods and legal regulations established by the Kingdom regarding company qualification, and we have a thorough understanding of their application in various businesses and sectors.

Speed and accuracy

We carry out our work with full compliance and respect for time, ensuring prompt execution of the required consultations and services for our clients.

Periodic consultations

Our services do not end with the completion of the required work, as we continue to provide professional consultations and ongoing monitoring of the performance of our services for our clients.

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