Legal Procedures

The legal consideration

Our experts provide consultations on completing the legal documents related to trademark registration for Saudi citizens or legal entities, as stipulated by the Saudi Intellectual Property Authority.

These documents include residency regularization for residents or completing company establishment papers and obtaining licenses from relevant ministries and authorities.

Trademark Registration with the Saudi Intellectual Property Authority

Camal Legal Consultancy Company provides comprehensive executive consultancy services for registering your trademark with the Saudi Intellectual Property Authority, and the service duration with the authority is 14 working days.

Our experts handle the preparation of the following documents to apply and register your trademark:

  • Image of the trademark.
  • Translation of the trademark name, along with an explanation of its pronunciation in foreign languages, from a certified translation office.
  • Clarification of the meaning of the word in Arabic if it is not understood by the public.
  • Attachment of the domain ownership certificate (.com) if the trademark includes it.
  • Preparation of supporting documents to verify the accuracy of the mentioned Gregorian or Hijri date in the trademark image, if applicable.
  • Assistance in obtaining a deposit certificate from the registration authority in another country within 6 months of the registration application in the Kingdom and translating it into Arabic.
  • Proof of academic degree if the trademark image includes an academic degree.
  • Declaration of consent from the owner of the name, image, title, or logo shown in the trademark image.
  • Supporting documents if the trademark name is a family name.

Payment of Applicable Fees

Trademark registration fees are divided into three stages. It starts with the application and file opening fee at the Saudi Intellectual Property Authority, which is SAR 1000. After the application is registered, there are fees for publishing the registration application, which amount to SAR 1575. Finally, there are fees for issuing the final registration certificate, which protects your trademark rights for 10 years, and these fees amount to SAR 5000.

Trademark System in Saudi Arabia

A set of laws governing the registration of trademarks that ensure the rights of investors and competition within the Kingdom.

Compliance with Trademark Registration Rules

The Saudi Intellectual Property Authority sets requirements for trademarks to be eligible for registration. When registering a trademark, it must not:

  • Lack distinctiveness.
  • Include expressions, symbols, or signs that violate religion or are contrary to public morals.
  • Resemble or imitate any emblem or official symbol of Saudi institutions or partner countries without permission.
  • Resemble or imitate a governmental mark or stamp used for monitoring products/services or used by partner countries.
  • Use a geographic name that may cause confusion or misrepresentation of the source or origin without authorization.
  • Use images or names of individuals or their heirs without their consent.
  • Include honorary degrees.
  • Mislead the public or contain a fictitious or counterfeit name.
  • Bear marks similar to or identical to well-known trademarks in the Kingdom for goods or services.
  • Be owned by individuals or entities prohibited from conducting business by competent authorities.
  • Use signs identical to those previously registered or deposited, or those that devalue the value of others' products.

Eligible Categories for Trademark Registration

The law governing trademark registration encompasses the following categories, granting them the privilege of registering a trademark:

  • Saudi nationals, both natural persons and legal entities.
  • Residents within the Kingdom authorized to engage in commercial or professional activities.
  • Individuals belonging to friendly nations that receive equal treatment from the Kingdom.
  • Individuals from a country that is a member of an international agreement in which the Kingdom is also a party, or residents of such a country.
  • Public entities

Determining Products/Services for the Trademark

Saudi law allows the registration of a trademark for one or more products or services, provided that separate registration applications are filed for each service or product associated with the trademark.

Duration of Application Processing

The maximum period for adjudicating a registration application, submitted by the registrant to the competent authority at the Ministry of Commerce, is sixty days. This is contingent upon the application being complete, accompanied by the requisite documentation, and in compliance with the laws governing trademark registration.

Advantages of Trademark Registration

Legal Safeguarding

Trademark registration provides you with robust protection against attempts at theft, counterfeiting, fraud, deception, or unauthorized utilization of your products or services. It serves as a bulwark to shield the reputation of your brand in the eyes of your clientele.

Credibility of the Brand

Registered trademarks enjoy credibility and priority among customers, as they are recognized by the government. This enhances the opportunities for exploration and attracts attention to your brand.

Distinctiveness and Uniqueness

Registered trademarks represent products or services that stand out from competitors in Saudi Arabia. This distinctiveness enables your company to compete effectively in a crowded market and sustainably expand its customer base.

Commercial Advantage

The process of trademark registration offers a unique opportunity for companies or individuals to present specific products or services. It reflects a chance to capitalize on the success and reputation the trademark will achieve, resulting in additional profits.

Expansion and Partnerships

Trademark registration facilitates the acquisition of opportunities for expansion and excellent partnerships with local, regional, or global partners. This provides your company with avenues to enter new markets, gain a larger customer base, and achieve greater profits.

Camal Legal Consultancy Company Services

Patent Registration

Patent registration is a crucial legal step in protecting intellectual property rights for a product or service for future commercial use. Camal Legal Consultancy Company provides its clients with advice and assistance in registering the following types:

  • Utility Patents
  • Design Patents
  • Plant Patents

Literary and Copyright Registration

The registration of intellectual and creative property rights for authors aims to ensure a solid legal standing in the event of disputes regarding literary works. Our experts provide counsel and execution in the registration of the following works:

  • Various forms of literary works.
  • Artistic drawings.
  • Advertisements.
  • Newspaper articles.
  • Films and music.
  • Photographs.
  • Sculptures.
  • Intellectual works, and more.


You can rely on us to provide trademark registration solutions for your literary works and depend on our services in:

  • Litigation in cases of infringement upon your ownership and intellectual rights to any literary work under your ownership and creativity.
  • Completion of agreements and formulation of exploitation contracts for your registered literary or artistic works.
  • Legal consultations related to copyright and authorship laws, encompassing civil and criminal legislation.

Integrated Circuits

An integrated circuit is one of the inventions that Camal Legal Consultancy Company can assist you in registering as a trademark. An integrated circuit is defined as a miniature electronic circuit designed to perform a precise electronic function and is commonly used in electrical devices. It is structured and arranged in a three-dimensional form.

Why to choose us?​

Specialized Experts

Our team of specialized experts at Camal Legal Consultancy Company aims to efficiently provide services for the registration of your trademark, resolving any legal issues or complexities you may encounter.

Office Automation

We offer fully integrated services with relevant authorities and data automation for your company, ensuring error-free trademark registration.

Collaborative Team of Patent Attorneys and Lawyers

Successful legal representation and a commitment to delivering the best legal services in cases of dispute guarantee the protection of your intellectual property rights and patents for your company's products or services.

Always by Our Clients' Side

We stand by your side and maintain constant communication with our clients through our office in Riyadh or via electronic means of communication.

Complete Transparency and Integrity

We provide our clients with full transparency and integrity in the reports submitted regarding completed works and the level of progress in service implementation.