Legal Procedures

Corporate restructuring is carried out by completing the necessary legal procedures to enhance the market position of the company.


Strategic Alignment

We provide legal consultations that revamp the sales structure through various measures, including:

  • Assessing the competitive position and market share of the company.
  • Identifying the underlying cause/problem that led to the company's setback.
  • Providing restructuring plans to improve the efficiency of the company's products/services.
  • Determining the appropriate legal steps for corporate restructuring.

Operational Alignment

Addressing the current operational reasons for the company and developing plans that help effectively restore operational capability.

  • Assisting in enhancing the manufacturing spread of the company's services/products.
  • Assisting in improving product/service sales and enhancing the efficiency of the procurement process.
  • Providing consultations for restructuring the company's overhead expenses and employee salaries.
  • Providing consultations to revamp work and production procedures

Financial Restructuring

Applying managerial approach to the company's financial assets and providing financial advice that includes:

  • Consultations for restructuring the financial budget in line with business requirements and management.
  • Consultations for restructuring loans, debts, and stocks.
  • Consultations for asset divestiture and working capital reduction.
  • Consultations regarding short, medium, and long-term financing loans.
  • Negotiating with partners and creditors regarding the agreements made.

Types and Methods of Corporate Restructuring

The methods of corporate restructuring vary depending on the specific circumstances of the company undergoing restructuring. We provide consultations on the following types:


Consultations on corporate restructuring through the merger of companies under a major umbrella corporation.


Specialized consultations on the purchase or acquisition of another company or a portion thereof, leveraging the assets and expertise of the target companies.


Similar to a merger, but with a focus on the amalgamation of companies of equal size. We provide consultations on this type of restructuring.


Consultations on dividing parts of the company into separate legal entities with their own business operations and legal structure.

Asset Disposal

Consultations on selling parts of the company's assets to repay debts or alleviate financial burdens, while expanding the company's activities.

Organizational Restructuring

Consultations on restructuring distressed companies with critical market positions, requiring a comprehensive reorganization of their structure and operations.

Advantages of Corporate Restructuring and Organization

Corporate restructuring is considered an ideal approach to rescue the financial and operational situation of companies in distress and transform them into successful enterprises.

Designing the Financial Perspective of the Company

Providing consultations on restructuring the company's subsidiaries in accordance with sound best practices. This includes:

  • Assisting our clients in assessing the current situation, evaluating financial feasibility, and designing the company's restructuring framework.
  • Presenting a comprehensive and detailed plan outlining the steps of restructuring and its implementation.
  • Assisting our clients in studying key risks and identifying the expected feasibility of current investments.

Targeted Selective Investment

Corporate restructuring aids in studying the types of investments that allow the company to maximize its financial benefits. This is achieved through:

  • Structuring the workforce and appointing suitable advisors.
  • Attracting new talents and skilled workforce.
  • Facilitating appropriate technologies and advancements.

Preserving Companies with Banks

Corporate restructuring is a strategic approach adopted by banks when dealing with financially distressed borrowing companies. It helps preserve the company's assets from being sold and maintains the relationship with banking sources of funding.

  • Corporate restructuring helps demonstrate the ability to fulfill debts and financial obligations.
  • It involves creating executable and realistic restructuring plans.
  • It enhances the trust between the current or new management of the company and the bank's risk management.

Camal Legal Consultancy Company Services

Establishment of Boards of Directors and their Committees

Camal Legal Consultancy Company provides a precise and professional service in establishing Boards of Directors and their committees. We assist your company in building effective organizational structures that facilitate critical decision-making, transparency, and accountability.

Our service offers the design of experienced and competent Boards of Directors and committees to ensure the achievement of your organizational goals and the development of successful strategies. It relies on three steps:

  • Assessment of Needs and Objectives:

We start by deeply understanding your company's needs and objectives, which helps us identify suitable structures for the Boards of Directors and committees.

  • Designing the Structure and Members:

We design Boards of Directors and committees that are appropriate for your company and guide you in selecting qualified and suitable members to perform the required functional tasks.

  • Implementation and Monitoring:

Once the Boards and committees are established, we accompany you during their implementation and closely monitor their progress to ensure you maximize the benefits of these operational structures in achieving your company's goals.

Establishing Organizational Structure for Companies

We provide specialized consultancy services aimed at maximizing the utilization of your company's resources and organizing them effectively.

We offer innovative and supportive organizational structures aligned with the company's goals, and we carefully follow up on their implementation to ensure success and future development. This service represents the optimal way to achieve a distinguished organization that supports growth and market leadership, and we start by:

Assessing the Company's Needs and Objectives

We provide organizational structure establishment services by deeply understanding your company's needs and objectives. Our aim is to design a suitable structure that aligns with the nature of your business and your growth goals.

Designing the Ideal Organizational Structure

We assist in customizing an organizational structure that ensures performance efficiency for your company. This includes job sequencing, power and responsibility distribution, and accurate functional reporting.

Implementation and Monitoring

We stay by your side during the implementation phase, providing the necessary support for implementing the changes. We monitor the executive performance of the plan.



Preparing Policies, Procedures, and Job Descriptions

We develop policies, procedures, and job descriptions for employees, helping your company develop precise policies and procedures that contribute to organizing operations and improving performance.

We also prepare comprehensive job descriptions that contribute to defining employees' responsibilities and guiding them effectively towards achieving the company's goals.

Contracting and Managing Boards of Directors

We arrange and manage board meetings effectively, enabling the company to benefit from qualified and strategic leadership. We ensure meeting organization, agenda preparation, decision documentation, and follow-up on execution.

Through this service, we enhance transparency and efficient decision-making, supporting the company's growth and success.

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Operations Management

We assist you in planning and executing mergers and acquisitions with precision and effectiveness. We provide support through risk assessment, asset analysis, administrative and financial integration.

We ensure a smooth merger process, guaranteeing the stability and increased value of the company. This service significantly contributes to the success of M&A operations and the achievement of the company's objectives.

Why to choose us?

Speed and Accuracy

At Camal Legal Consultancy Company, we take pride in the speed and accuracy of our corporate structuring services. We understand the importance of time in business, and we provide a quick and reliable solution that ensures the achievement of an ideal structure for your company.

Development and Success

With Camal Legal Consultancy Company, we help you achieve development and success. We offer customized strategies that ensure performance improvement and increased profitability, contributing to the development of your company towards a more sustainable future.

Specialized Experts

Our specialized experts are our most valuable assets. They possess extensive experience and deep knowledge in the field of corporate structuring, enabling them to provide the best tailored solutions for your company and ensure its success.

Always by Our Clients' Side

We are by your side and in constant communication with our clients through our office in Riyadh or through electronic means of communication.

Transparency and Integrity

We provide our clients with transparency and integrity in the reports presented regarding completed work and the progress level in service execution.

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