Legal Procedures

We handle the necessary legal documentation to register your foreign company with the Ministry of Investment and Commerce, obtaining licenses to conduct commercial activities within the Kingdom’s territories.

Types of Foreign Investment Licenses

Our consultants will handle the preparation of your application and the necessary documents to obtain a license for your business activities according to the following areas:

Agricultural License

This license is issued to companies operating in the agricultural sector, encompassing various fields and business forms.

Commercial License

This license is issued to companies engaged in wholesale and retail trade.

Entrepreneurial License

This license is granted to entrepreneurs wishing to establish technology-driven and scalable companies within the Kingdom.

Industrial License

This license is issued for various industrial activities across sectors such as heavy, light, and manufacturing industries.

Real Estate License

This license is granted to different companies operating in the real estate sector, including consulting, contracting, construction, and other related services.

Mining License

This license is issued to companies involved in the mining and exploration sectors.

Transportation License

This license is granted to companies operating in the public transportation sector and related services.

Service License

This license is issued to foreign investment companies operating in various service sectors, including contracting, administrative investment, information technology, tourism, training, healthcare, insurance and reinsurance, education, advertising and media, logistics services, exhibition organization, catering and food services, financial services, aviation, and handling services.

Consulting License (Engineering Offices - Technical and Economic Communication Offices)

This license is granted to companies operating in the fields of engineering consulting and technical and economic communication within the Kingdom.

Scientific and Technical Office License

This license is issued to companies wishing to establish an office providing scientific and technical services to agents, distributors, and consumers of the company's products within the Kingdom.

Visual and Audio Media License

This license is granted to companies operating in the field of visual and audio media in various forms.

Recruitment Agents and Domestic Labor Services License

This license is issued to companies engaged in the recruitment of domestic labor and temporary operation of domestic services.

Printing and Publishing Activities License

This license is granted to foreign investment companies operating in the printing, publishing, and related services sector.

Professional License in Partnership with a Saudi Investor

This license is issued to companies engaged in professional business activities in partnership with a Saudi partner.

Advantages of Foreign Investment in Saudi Arabia

The investment environment in Saudi Arabia is highly attractive for both foreign and domestic investors, thanks to the array of advantages and incentives provided by the government. It serves as an ideal choice for investment in various sectors of the economy.

Diverse Investment Incentives

  • Saudi Arabia possesses advanced and necessary infrastructure to facilitate foreign commercial and economic investments.
  • The investment regulations within Saudi territory have been streamlined and undergone a legal transformation, enabling and simplifying the regulatory procedures for foreign companies operating within the Kingdom.
  • The country's investment vision has made local investment laws flexible and highly encouraging.
  • Saudi Arabia encourages investment in a wide range of sectors such as energy, technology, tourism, and manufacturing.
  • The country provides tax incentives and reductions for foreign companies across multiple business sectors.

Respect for Ownership

  • Saudi Arabia ensures the protection of personal property rights for individuals and companies, promoting the development and respect of contracts and agreements.
  • The country strictly enforces criminal laws against any attempts to manipulate assets or unlawfully seize foreign properties.
  • Saudi Arabia fosters innovation and the development of startups by granting intellectual property rights and offering financial and technological support to investors.

Financial Freedom

  • Saudi Arabia has laws and regulations governing financial activity and investment to ensure integrity and transparency.
  • The country enforces strict legal measures to protect investors' rights and ensure the continuity of financial freedom, guarding against manipulation or fraud of foreign investment.
  • Saudi Arabia is working on developing an advanced financial infrastructure that supports financial freedom and facilitates financial operations.
  • The country aims to enhance international cooperation in financial market regulation, as well as the exchange of expertise and financial information.
  • Saudi Arabia seeks to achieve sustainable economic growth by promoting financial freedom and providing an optimal investment environment.

Financial Ease and Borrowing

  • Saudi Arabia offers diverse financial services through local and international financial institutions, making financial funding easily accessible for companies and individuals.
  • The country encourages investors to diversify their sources of funding, such as borrowing from banks, financial markets, and private investments.
  • Saudi Arabia adopts flexible policies that allow companies to borrow and adjust their financial strategies according to their specific needs and expenses.
  • The country provides Islamic financial services that align with Islamic principles and values.
  • Saudi Arabia maintains a cautious approach to financial supervision and monitoring to ensure the stability of local markets for investors.

Special Tax Incentives and Exemptions

  • Saudi Arabia provides tax incentives for vital sectors such as industry and technology to stimulate business development and investment.
  • Through these encouraging policies, Saudi Arabia aims to promote economic growth and improve the investment climate for foreign companies.
  • The country enforces control and legal compliance to ensure that incentives are directed in a lawful and committed manner for eligible foreign investment.

Camal Legal Consultancy Company Services

Investor Qualification for Investment Requirements in the Kingdom

Through legal consultations, we provide our clients with the necessary legal and investment knowledge and qualification to start their business ventures within the Kingdom. This includes understanding legal documentation, local market statistics, and more.

Foreign Investment License Acquisition

The legal licenses required to initiate foreign investment within the Kingdom vary, and therefore, we assist our clients in obtaining all necessary legal licenses accurately and comprehensively, providing guidance on future legal licensing requirements as per the investment scope.

Entrepreneurship License Acquisition

The entrepreneurship sector is a highly targeted sector by the Saudi government, which requires various licenses to regulate entrepreneurial activities. Our consultants work diligently to ensure accurate and efficient completion of these licenses.

Identifying Investment Opportunities for Investors

The Saudi market is abundant with untapped opportunities. We undertake necessary market research and customer segmentation studies within the Kingdom, providing you with a comprehensive report on the findings.

Facilitating Work Visas and Business Visit Permits

We facilitate the process of obtaining work visas for foreign employees and assist in acquiring temporary residency permits for business visits.

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